UX Research & Design Consultant

I help organizations create UX strategies, conduct insightful research, and design solutions that meet human and business needs.

Based in Spokane, WA. Working with clients across the U.S. and Canada.



Research for COVID-19 Small Business Services

Discovering ways to help Avista’s small business customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Research and Design for Vaccine Management Software

Improving the software used to distribute publicly-funded vaccines to medical providers across the U.S.


Research and Strategy for a Digital Healthcare Startup

Re-imagining women’s healthcare to overcome the barriers of access and affordability.


Design for a Customer Training Portal

Making it easier for people to learn about using their Type I Diabetes insulin pumps.

How can I help your team?

UX Audit

Need help aligning your team and stakeholders on UX efforts? A UX audit brings an outside, expert perspective to help you see more clearly and take the next steps in improving your product.

Discovery Research

Is your team operating on assumptions about users and their problems? I can help you fill in knowledge gaps about the people you’re designing for and identify opportunities to have the biggest impact.

Usability Testing

Have a product or design you want to test with users? No matter the stage of your product, usability testing is a quick way to find out what’s working well and what can be improved before you commit resources to build.

“Tine has been an amazing partner for us for 6+ years and we consider her a crucial part of our team. Her expertise in UX and customer research has helped shape our projects in positive ways with excellent results!”

Kelly Conley, Avista Utilities

I have collaborated with:

Hi, I’m Tine.

I’m a user experience consultant focused on helping organizations—from startups to government agencies—successfully incorporate UX strategy and practices into their design workflows. I engage with cross-functional teams to plan and conduct research, use insights to make better decisions, and solve tough problems.

I have 9+ years of experience in UX research and design with a strong foundation in qualitative research and interaction design.

Tine Reese

Call: (509) 844-3044
Email: tine@tinereese.com