Alpha Medical

Creating a new digital health care experience for women


Client: Alpha Medical

Sector: Health care startup

My Role: UX strategy, research, and design

Methods: Literature review, open-ended interviews, concept testing, design sprint, prototyping, usability testing

Project Timeline: March – September 2019

Along with my Sixth Man Marketing partner, Ed Reese, I led a 6-month effort to help Alpha Medical learn about its target audience, validate new product concepts, and develop a UX strategy.

During the discovery phase, we used a mixed-methods approach to familiarize ourselves with the problem space, talk to potential customers, and identify problems/opportunities to solve.

As discovery research progressed, I worked with Alpha’s team to revise their UX strategy and build a functional prototype to test with users. Alpha’s product team used the results of this study to inform their website redesign and content writing efforts. Based on the work we did, Alpha launched its new services and updated website in September 2019.

“I appreciate Tine’s expertise and ability to quickly understand our challenges, clarify users’ needs, and create a strategic framework for our products and services.”

Gloria Lau
Co-founder & CEO, Alpha

Tine Reese

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